JIMD Podcast

A fortnightly podcast where authors discuss findings from recent papers and share the stories behind their work

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The JIMD Podcast was started as a lockdown project by Dr. James Nurse. It may have started as a hobby, but it has grown into a valuable resource for the IEM community. I have enjoyed listening to friends and colleagues talk about their work, although it is not quite the same as catching up at the pub.

In early 2021, JIMD and James invited us to do a podcast focused on the recent PDE-ALDH7A1 consensus guidelines (available wherever you pod: ). It was fun to get together and talk about PDE with Peter Clayton and Emma Footitt. And our episode had the third most URL clicks on twitter! Make sure to listen to our podcast and to follow JIMD and James Nurse for even more content.

Curtis R. Coughlin II
Curtis R. Coughlin II
Associate Professor

My research interests include inborn errors of metabolism that impact neurologic function with a focus on pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy, glutaric aciduria I, and vitamin B6 metabolism.