2023 lab upgrades

they still feel new to me…

Even though it is officially old enough to buy a drink, our Waters Quattro API is still working overtime. But it is finally time for an upgrade! We are grateful for the Colorado metabolic community and colleagues donated their older Fi-MSMS. This donation will dramatically improve our newborn screening research. The donation includes a Waters 1525u LC pump and 2777c autosampler coupled to a Waters TQD, which mimics the equipment used in many public health laboratories around the world

The only thing better than a new mass spectrometer is two new mass spectrometers! We are grateful for the two Waters ACQUITY TQDs. They really improve the overall lab decor - although it may also be the artwork…

Curtis R. Coughlin II
Curtis R. Coughlin II
Associate Professor

My research interests include inborn errors of metabolism that impact neurologic function with a focus on pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy, glutaric aciduria I, and vitamin B6 metabolism.